Niagara Womens Enterprise Centre
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Celebrating Our Achievements!

Empowering women across Niagara since 1999. 

Are you ready to meet your employment goals?

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About Niagara Women's Enterprise Center

About NWEC

Providing employment supports, programs and services to women across Niagara.

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NWEC Programs


Programs run throughout the year and are usually offered in Welland, St. Catharines or Niagara Falls.

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Are you Eligible

Are You Eligible?

Are you an unemployed or underemployed female, 19 yrs or older and seeking employment?

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Find out how you, your organization or business, can partner with us to support the activities of NWEC.

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Niagara Women's Enterprise Centre

Two women sitting on a window sill talking to eachother.  One woman is holding a laptopNiagara Women's Enterprise Centre is a community based, charitable organization providing employment and self employment supports and services to women in the Niagara Region.

We provide interest assessments and programs that are designed to allow participants to upgrade their education or learn new, in demand skills through professional instruction and work placement.

As a program under Niagara Peninsula Homes, we have personal and professional community support services that are also available to help participants succeed in reaching their employment goals.

We help to take down the barriers to employment.

Become a participant or partner and help us - Celebrate Our Achievements!


  • "I realized I can do a lot more than I thought I am able and capable of. I just needed the proper education and support system with female mentors. I now feel my future will be different and I am able to build on my skills from NWEC. I feel more in control of my life now. Previous to starting I felt out of control with a bleak future."
    Lisa (Computer Technology Launch Program)
  • "I don’t believe I would be working if not for the tremendous support I received from NWEC. Within 6 weeks of the program ending, I was employed. The skills gained from NWEC will be critical in my success in my new role."
    Lynn (Computer Technology Launch Program)
  • "A big weight was lifted from my shoulders, knowing that after all the knowledge I learned during the 3 weeks, I can finally get back on my feet and be more confident in starting a new route in my life."
    Suzanne M (Dietary Server Program)
  • "I would recommend this program to anyone. It really was life changing for me and, I know, for the other women in the group. It far exceeded my expectations. The support from Brenda, Carrie and Debbie is commendable. The variety of facilitators, quality of material and skills gained are all important tools I can take with me moving forward."
    Lisa (Computer Technology Launch Program)
  • When I took the Code Pink program, I felt a little overwhelmed at the idea of learning coding. Once I was in the class, the instructor was knowledgeable, and went at a pace that allowed us to ask questions and provided help when needed. The class had a great pace for beginners, and I found it fun to create my webpage and edit it and make updates in real time.
    Melissa M. (Code Pink Program)