Niagara Womens Enterprise Centre
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About the Niagara Women's Enterprise Centre (NWEC)

NWEC AKA Niagara Peninsula Community Resource Centre (NPCRC)

Niagara Women's Enterprise Centre (NWEC), has a mandate to provide assistance, training and resources to unemployed and/or underemployed women in the Niagara Region who want to obtain employment or create a business.

NWEC StaffWe have established and provided sector specific certificate training programs and various employment supports to over 2000 women across Niagara since 1999 in an effort to relieve women living in poverty.

Who We Are

NWEC is a charity that is owned and operated by  Niagara Peninsula Homes. It's also known as Niagara Peninsula Community Resource Centre

We have developed and continue to encourage a variety of community partnerships with employers, businesses, educational institutions, employment agencies and organizations.

Who We Help

Our programs are designed to assist women who may have experienced a variety of barriers to employment.

The barriers may include:

  • Survivor of domestic or cultural abuse
  • Physical, mental or learning disability
  • Non-completion of secondary school diploma
  • Poverty
  • Lack of specific employment skills or goals
  • Lack of recent work experience
  • Experience with the criminal justice system
  • Newcomer to Canada (language barriers)
  • Newcomer to Canada (lack of Canadian work experience)
  • Recovery from substance abuse

Annual General Report

November 2020

NWEC and Social Enterprise

Niagara Peninsula Homes promotes business as a social enterprise, by achieving social goals that benefit employees, area businesses an d the community.

Niagara Peninsula Homes programs are specially designed to develop social enterprise and achieve these goals.

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Please contact us to learn more about NWEC's Programs and Services.  Our conversations with you will always be held with strict confidentiality.